Learning Management Systems

January 5, 2017

Dear Rutgers Community,

The use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) at Rutgers has evolved organically over the last fifteen years. Separate campuses, schools, units, and departments have adopted diverse strategies and different software platforms. In many cases, students are required to use multiple systems depending upon their program and course selection. Though we understand and appreciate the desire for both the flexibility and customization that has led to this largely decentralized model, what is now our broad institutional reliance on these platforms requires that we review our overall strategy for this critical instructional investment and move toward one enterprise level LMS. 

In order to ensure an appropriately broad process with significant community input, we are convening a working committee to evaluate our current needs and select a single Learning Management System to be offered and managed at an enterprise level. Doug Blair, Professor SAS Economics, has agreed to Chair a working group comprised of faculty and key stakeholders, instructional designers and appropriate IT personnel. Committee membership will be announced in the next few weeks.

The focus of this group is to identify required features and functions, evaluate a variety of Learning Management Systems, and determine the one that will best suit our diverse needs. The planning process will begin in January 2017 and conclude with a recommended approach and/or system by May 2017. Once a decision is made, a comprehensive implementation plan will be developed that allows plenty of time for transition, orientation to the new system, placement of appropriate support structure, and consideration for localized needs for specialized assistance.

Consolidating into one Learning Management System at the University and campus levels will be more efficient, effective, and ultimately more beneficial to the long-term success of our students.

Thank you,

Barbara Lee                                                          Michele Norin
Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs       Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer