Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program for Faculty in Social Sciences and Humanities

October 19, 2015


The University has been invited to recommend two candidates for consideration for the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program in support of the social sciences and the humanities, one junior and one senior. This program has been established in response to the “unprecedented threats to our democracy and the international order that need to be addressed by the best of our national talent.”  Up to thirty-two fellowships of $200,000 each will provide scholars with the ability to take a year’s sabbatical to focus on research addressing the unique challenges facing U.S. democracy and international order in the coming 25 years.

To nominate a candidate, please send a letter of nomination, a three- to five-page prospectus describing the candidate’s project, including a work plan, approximate time frame, estimate of budgetary requirements, anticipated financial support from Rutgers, and an up-to-date c.v. Please see the attached pages for the full instructions and criteria, as well as a list of possible topics of research. Nomination materials should be sent by October 28, 2015, to Dr. Linda Schulze ( of my office, who will be coordinating this process.

Given the innovative research undertaken by our faculty, I am confident that the candidates we nominate will be regarded highly by the selection committee. Your assistance in helping to identify the best candidates is greatly appreciated.

Barbara A. Lee

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs