Call for Nominations for the 2016 Robert A. Welch Award in Chemistry

Deadline for submissions is January 8, 2016

November 19, 2015

Attached is a call for nominations for the 2016 Robert A. Welch Award in Chemistry. The award is designed “to foster and encourage basic chemical research and to recognize, in a substantial manner, the value of chemical research contributions for the benefit of mankind.” The award is meant to recognize “contributions that have not previously been rewarded in a similar manner” and carries a monetary prize of $300,000.

The University is permitted to nominate a single candidate for this award. If you would like to nominate a faculty member, please send a brief biographical sketch of the proposed nominee, a list of 25 of the nominee’s most important scientific publications, and a statement of the research areas in chemistry on which the nomination is based no later than January 8, 2016, to Dr. Linda Schulze ( of my office who will be coordinating the process. The usual peer review process will be invoked if there is more than one nomination. If you are chosen as the University nominee you will be required to provide not more than three seconding nomination letters.

Barbara A. Lee
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs