University Strategic Plan 100 Days Initiatives - Integrating Themes: International Academic Symposia

May 18, 2015

Memorandum to: Members of the Rutgers University Community

From:                       Richard L. Edwards
                                  Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and
                                  Chancellor, Rutgers University–New Brunswick

I am pleased to announce the selection of the academic symposia to be offered as part of the First 100 Days Initiatives of the University Strategic Plan.

The selected academic symposia on the integrating themes for 2015–2016 are:

Shifting Cities: Urban Heritage of the 21st Century

Submitting Faculty: Catherine Boland Erkkila, CHAPS Abroad Program Director and Adjunct Professor, CHAPS; Archer St. Clair Harvey, Director of the Program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (CHAPS), Department of Art History; Anita Bakshi, Instructor, Department of Landscape Architecture

Urbanization is the defining phenomenon of the 21st century. This international conference will look specifically at the occurrence of shifting populations and its effect on urban heritage, paying particular attention to the topics of culture, diversity, education, health, and sustainability.

International Collaboration in Preparedness and Response for Disasters and Emergencies

Submitting Faculty: Clifton R. Lacy, M.D.; Multiple Units at New Brunswick/Piscataway, Newark, Camden and RBHS

A full-day, worldwide educational conference discussing policy and planning, information and intelligence, command and control, communications and messaging, education and training, research and development, and cooperation and collaboration between national, international, governmental, nongovernmental, public and private sector individuals and entities at three international sites via video-teleconference and global viewership via internet live streaming.

Youth and the Allure of Terrorism: Identity, Recruitment, and Public Diplomacy

Submitting Faculty: Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud, Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers, Newark; Dr. Eric Davis, Department of Political Science, Rutgers, New Brunswick; Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; Rutgers School of Law (Newark and Camden); Department of Political Science, Camden

How are youth recruited, radicalized, and deployed by terrorist groups? How can the academy, religious scholars, and policy-makers fight the allure of terrorism among young people? This international symposium, involving all three Rutgers locations, offers empirical analysis and policy prescriptions to fight the spread of terrorism among youth.

Congratulations to all those involved in these symposia.

A Call for Proposals for symposia to receive funding for the 2017–2018 academic year will be sent out to the Rutgers community in the Fall of 2015 under the incoming Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Barbara A. Lee.