Research Council Awards & Subvention Programs

The Research Council is a committee of faculty that advises the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs on faculty awards, which are made as the result of peer review of requests submitted by the faculty for funding of research and other scholarly and creative activities. The Research Council also provides subvention for certain categories of scholarly books. Restrictions are specified in the guidelines.

Research Awards Program

By means of seed-funding awards, the RC supports new and innovative pilot studies that can lead to significant funding and publication in all fields of learning in the University, as well as for creative work in the arts. Funding is available through three separate programs. Faculty and teams may apply for only one funding program in any given year.

The Individual Fulcrum Awards Program is tailored to individual researchers and those in the creative arts who are testing out new ideas to accelerate their scientific inquiry, program of research and scholarship or creative production. The maximum amount of the Individual Fulcrum Awards Program is $5,000.

The Social and Racial Justice Awards Program, inspired by President Holloway’s Equity Report and the University’s commitment to fostering excellence in and as a beloved community, supports academic research on racial and social justice in all domains of intellectual, social, artistic, and environmental life. The range of the Social and Racial Justice award is $5,000–$15,000.

The Collaborative Multidisciplinary Awards Program offers the opportunity for a group of faculty members across disciplines to work together on a new, shared problem of line of research. Since complex intellectual and social problems often require multiple perspectives and viewpoints to solve them, the program is designed to foster and reward creative and collaboration interdisciplinary work. The maximum amount of the Collaborative Multidisciplinary Awards Program is $25,000.

Awards will begin July 1, 2021. Please review the guidelines that can be found below carefully before submitting your application.

Subvention Program

Subventions provide partial subsidies to university and other highly regarded scholarly presses for the publication of scholarly books authored by full-time faculty, given that in some cases such presses ask authors to cover a portion of the cost of publishing a scholarly book in order to make it more affordable. This program is designed to assist with those costs.

The typical subvention amount awarded by the Research Council is $2,500 or less. Only under exceptional circumstances can larger subventions be considered, to a maximum of $4,000.

Please review the guidelines that can be found below carefully before submitting your application.


Professor Kathleen J. Pottick and Professor Antoinette Y. Farmer
Research Council Co-Chairs

Kathy Jo Cotterill
Executive Assistant