Student Feedback Task Force

In spring 2018 Barbara Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, charged a task force to examine the current state of the collection of student feedback for formative and summative purposes at Rutgers, to review best practices in higher education and at our Big 10 peers, and to make recommendations for the collection and use of student feedback for formative and summative purposes at Rutgers.  Pressing issues include the following:

  • Should the SIRS be updated?
  • How best to use the SIRS or SIRS equivalent across the broad range of teaching modalities and instructors at Rutgers?
  • What practices are recommended for increasing response rates on the SIRS or SIRS equivalent?
  • What are the implications of the adoption of eXplorance Blue for collecting SIRS or SIRS-equivalent data?
  • The need for culture change for faculty, students and administrators surrounding student feedback
  • What other means should be used to collect student feedback for formative and summative purposes?
    • Midterm collection of feedback
    • Student focus groups
    • Student representatives collecting feedback
    • Apps
    • Etc.
  • How should student feedback be used in the promotion process?
  • Task Force Members