Tang Prize

To encourage individuals across the globe to chart the middle path to achieving sustainable development by recognizing and supporting contributors for their revolutionary efforts in the four major fields of Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law.

Each prize provides a cash award of approximately $1.4 million. In addition, research projects proposed by the laureates receive a grant of up to approximately $350,000. For more information regarding nominations, eligibility, and the selection process, please visit award eligibility details.


  • To make a nomination, submit a brief summary of the candidate’s qualifications for the particular nomination category, a detailed explanation of the candidate’s outstanding works, accomplishments, and contributions, and a curriculum vitae, to Dr. Angela Mullis.
  • Website: Tang Prize
  • The Tang Prize Foundation has asked that we treat our nominations as highly confidential, and retrain from making known our nominations to anyone, including our nominees. 
  • Call for Proposals/Nominations: August
  • Internal Deadline for Submissions: September 3, 2021


Angela Mullis
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs