Task Force on the Humanities Committee


Barbara A. Lee, Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Committee Members

Barbara Cooper, Professor and Chair, History, SAS

Uri-Aron Eisenzweig, Distinguished Professor, French, SAS

James E. Goodman, Professor, History/Creative Writing, FASN

Jane Grimshaw, Distinguished Professor and Graduate Program Director, Linguistics, SAS

M.A. Rafey Habib, Professor, English, FASC

Archer S. Harvey, Professor, Art History, and Program Director, Cultural & Preservation Studies, SAS

Seth D. Koven, Professor, History, SAS

Robert C. Like, Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health, and Director, Ctr. For Healthy Families and Cultural Diversity, RWJMS

John T. Lynch, Professor, English, FASN

James F. McGlew, Professor and Chair, Classics, SAS

Charlene Mires, Professor, History, Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities, FASC

Barry V. Qualls, Professor, English, SAS

Nicholas A. Rennie, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director, Germanic, Russian and East European Languages and Literatures, SAS

Richard A. Serrano, Professor, French and Comparative Literature, SAS

Evelyn Shockley, Associate Professor, English, SAS

Larry S. Temkin, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Philosophy, SAS

Carolyn Williams, Professor and Chair, English, SAS

Staff to the Committee

Robert Heffernan, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Linda G. Schulze, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs