Transfer Programs

New Jersey Comprehensive State-Wide Transfer Agreement

The New Jersey Comprehensive State-Wide Transfer Agreement assists students in transferring courses from New Jersey's 19 community colleges to the 25 participating four-year institutions in the State, including Rutgers University.  Further information on the transfer process can be accessed at the NJ Transfer website.

New Jersey Statewide Reverse Transfer Agreement

In July 2017, the New Jersey State Legislature passed a bill on reverse transfer. Specifically, the legislation applies to students who transferred to a four-year New Jersey institution of higher education from a New Jersey Community College before completing their Associate degrees. It allows students meeting certain criteria to transfer credits earned at the four-year institution back to their former community college in order to satisfy the requirements to earn an Associate degree. The details are spelled out in the Statewide Reverse Transfer Agreement.

Rutgers transfer students who are eligible and interested in participating will need to submit a formal request to have their academic records sent. Please understand that once you confirm that you would like to participate, you will authorize Rutgers University to send your transcript to the appropriate community college in accordance with FERPA regulations.  Once your transcript has been sent, any status updates that you desire will need to be directed to your community college.  Please note that upon receipt of your Associate degree, your status at Rutgers University, as it pertains to the New Jersey Statewide Transfer Agreement, will not change, i.e., your general education and major requirements for Rutgers degree completion will continue to follow those resulting from your original transcript evaluation conducted at the time of your initial transfer. 

If you would like more information about this program, please contact Les Cole, Rutgers University Recorder, at, or call 848-445-2620.